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Jun 24, 2009

Jay Rinsen Weik gives a talk and leads discussion at the Toledo Zen Center on October 8, 2008.

When Ch'an Master Wu-yeh of Fen-chou went to see the Ancestor (Ma-Tsu), the Ancestor noticed that his appearance was extraordinary and that his voice was like (the sound of) a bell.  He said, "Such an imposing Buddha hall, but no Buddha in it."

We-yeh respectfully kneeled down, and said, "I have studied the texts that contain the teachings of the Three Vehicles and have been able to roughly understand their meaning.  I have also often heard about the teaching of the Ch'an school that mind is Buddha: this is something I have not yet been able to understand."

The Ancestor said, "This very mind that does not understand is it. There is no other thing."

- The Teachings of Ma-Tsu.

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