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Mar 23, 2008

Jay Chikyo Weik presents a retreat workshop at the Toledo Zen Center on January 20th, 2008.

This workshop begins with a historical overview of Bodhidharma's time and the teachings ascribed to him as they relate to other spiritual teachings of the day. After this, Chikyo begins working with the text: "There are many avenues for entering the Way, but essentially they all are of two kinds: entering through Principle and entering through Practice..." - Bodhidharma's Two Entrances and Four Practices

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Karen W.
fifteen and a half years ago

I appreciate learning how the various eastern religious traditions have influenced each other, as its something I have never quite understood.

One point comes to mind in listening to this podcast: The traditional method of transmission has always been teacher-to-student \\\"warm hand to warm hand\\\"... but today, with the technology of the internet and podcasting - has that tradition been broken? or would you consider it just another step in the evolution of the dharma?

Karen W.