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Jul 31, 2017

This dharma talk given by Rinsen Sensei, Abbot of the Buddhist Temple of Toledo.

Rinsen Sensei draws on Case 24 of the Mumonkon, Fuketsu’s “Equality and Differentiation”

The living Dharma is not a matter of knowing the correct philosophical assertions.  When pressed to respond by the imperative of this life, how...

Jul 29, 2017

This dharma talk was given by Rinsen Sensei on Wednesday, July 26, 2017.  Working with Case 23 of the Gateless Gate, Rinsen Sensei explores the story and meaning of the transmission of the Buddha’s Robe.  The talk was given as the 2017 Jukai initiates each sewed their rakusu in preparation for their Jukai ceremony,...

Jul 27, 2017

The Buddhist Temple of Toledo presents a talk and discussion lead by the Reverend Jay Rinsen Weik during a Jukai Sesshin in August of 2016.

Reverend Rinsen begins with Case 23 of the Gateless Gate, "Huineng's Neither Good Nor Evil", and expands on the story of the 6th ancestor in the Zen lineage.  


Jul 24, 2017

The Reverend Jay Rinsen Weik gives a dharma talk at the Buddhist Temple of Toledo.

How does the an awakened mind encounter the daily activities of this world? Is it any different than everyday mind?

In this talk, Rinsen explores this question, beginning with a reading from the Dogen’s fascicle called “Kajo”...

Jul 20, 2017

This is a Dharma Talk given by the Reverend Jay Rinsen Weik at the Buddhist Temple of Toledo in 2016.  In this talk, Rinsen explores the importance of working with a teacher, especially as one tries to practice in the face of difficult times.  

In seeking the path of compassion we a pointed back to our cushion and the...