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Dec 5, 2007

Jay Chikyo Weik offers a presentation on the Four Noble Truths. This presentation was given at the Toledo Zen Center on November 11, 2007.

"One thing that will help make this talk a little more real, more helpful for you, is if you bear in mind that what we're talking about here is your own experience of your life. It's not an abstract.... It's not some story about how the universe came to be or anything like that. It's talking about how it is when you wake up in the morning; what it feels like between your bed and the bathroom; and how you deal with that child, that job, that ex-spouse, or that credit card. That's what it's about.... it's not intended to be abstract. However, it comes from a different culture; it comes from a very different time, and it takes a little digestion to get it to actually be helpful."

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